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Starbucks Card 4th Year Anniversary **Update 

I love coffee and that includes merch and equipments related to it. I've just recently started collecting cards and tumblers but I am not the 'hardcore' type.  Anyway, here's Starbucks newest addition to its growing list.  The card is still available in almost all brances with an iniatial load of 300php. It will be almost… Continue reading Starbucks Card 4th Year Anniversary **Update 


Mall of Asia Coffee Festival 2017

Along side the numerous concerts, sales and activities, MOA also gave coffee lovers their own space. Held at the Main Mall Atrium from September 11-15 was the Coffee Festival 2017.  Coffee related activities and of course food! I wasn’t able to stay long since I’ve another place to go to. Ofcourse, you still need to… Continue reading Mall of Asia Coffee Festival 2017


Was able to try #TheFrenchBaker's #SizzilinfChickenGalantina. The dish is a new addition to their menu.  The name and photo piqued my interest that is why I ordered the dish. It's tasty.. I must say, down part is that I do not eat chorizo which is part of the stuffing. So, I need to pick them… Continue reading