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Food: Samyang Stir-Fried Hot Noodles

The newest craze in town! The Samyang Stir-Fried Hot Noodles!  As I can remember, this all started on Facebook, as always, due to the so “spicy noodle challege”, (hope i got it right). Then it went viral and now almost everyone(i know and on social media) is taking the challenge.. the rest is history.. Here’s… Continue reading Food: Samyang Stir-Fried Hot Noodles

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Trip: Kamay ni Hesus

I've been hearing a lot about this place and though it is a very long and far travel, we managed to experience and visit the magnificent scenic view. We went there last weekend.. Right after work since I am on the night shift. It was a very veerryyy tiring ride going to Lucban. No sleep.… Continue reading Trip: Kamay ni Hesus

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You and I

You like the sun; I the moon The summer heat your fellow wanderer The cold rain my melancholic companion You're a traveler and I am a dreamer. You're high-strung, I'm laid-back You're evasive, I'm straightforward No matter the differences Both annoying, spontaneous, & awkward We both found each other We fill each other's missing piece… Continue reading You and I