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Apocalyptic Buzz Strikes Back ;)

Sorry, Marvel and X-Men.. I just can't help it. Apocalypse looks like a purple Buzz Lightyear. hahaha..(don't worry I am indeed an X-Men, Marvel and DC fan). Maybe it is just me and my imagination but still.. he looks like Buzz! With the exception of the wings and stuff. These are just the things I noticed… Continue reading Apocalyptic Buzz Strikes Back 😉

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Crazy 5 meets Furious 7

All I can say is that..the movie was freakin' awesome! Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Rhonda Rousey...I would watch over and over again(hey, I'm a fan girl. So, what can I do? haha) Though it is sad and I got teary-eyed on the last part. It was somewhat a tribute for Paul… Continue reading Crazy 5 meets Furious 7