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In an “Alternate” Universe

All of us are very much aware that in each and every person, we have this alter ego, shadow, different identity.. different.. US; our skeleton in the closet. So, it should not be a surprise if there are people who uses different social media application *cough twiter cough* to showcase their so called "alter" side.… Continue reading In an “Alternate” Universe

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Food: Samyang Stir-Fried Hot Noodles

The newest craze in town! The Samyang Stir-Fried Hot Noodles!  As I can remember, this all started on Facebook, as always, due to the so “spicy noodle challege”, (hope i got it right). Then it went viral and now almost everyone(i know and on social media) is taking the challenge.. the rest is history.. Here’s… Continue reading Food: Samyang Stir-Fried Hot Noodles

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Starbucks Card 4th Year Anniversary **Update 

I love coffee and that includes merch and equipments related to it. I've just recently started collecting cards and tumblers but I am not the 'hardcore' type.  Anyway, here's Starbucks newest addition to its growing list.  The card is still available in almost all brances with an iniatial load of 300php. It will be almost… Continue reading Starbucks Card 4th Year Anniversary **Update 

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Starbucks 2nd Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017

Last June 10-11 was Starbucks 2nd Coffee Appreciation Festival held at Glorietta 2, Ayala Makati. This is one of the most awaited events of the Seattle based Coffe chain. Early this year, they also had their Summer Launch at SM Mall of Asia. Unfortunately, I was not able to got to the latter as there… Continue reading Starbucks 2nd Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017

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You and I

You like the sun; I the moon The summer heat your fellow wanderer The cold rain my melancholic companion You're a traveler and I am a dreamer. You're high-strung, I'm laid-back You're evasive, I'm straightforward No matter the differences Both annoying, spontaneous, & awkward We both found each other We fill each other's missing piece… Continue reading You and I