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In an “Alternate” Universe

All of us are very much aware that in each and every person, we have this alter ego, shadow, different identity.. different.. US; our skeleton in the closet. So, it should not be a surprise if there are people who uses different social media application *cough twiter cough* to showcase their so called "alter" side.… Continue reading In an “Alternate” Universe

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You and I

You like the sun; I the moon The summer heat your fellow wanderer The cold rain my melancholic companion You're a traveler and I am a dreamer. You're high-strung, I'm laid-back You're evasive, I'm straightforward No matter the differences Both annoying, spontaneous, & awkward We both found each other We fill each other's missing piece… Continue reading You and I

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Beki si crush..tanggapin mo na! 

Ang tagal ko ng gusto i-post to nalilimutan ko lang.  Ayun na crush beki or pede ko pang masabi na paminta or closeta sya, ayaw kasi mag out ng bongga. Actually, office friend ko sya and kahit papaano close din naman pero not as close as kilala ko parents nya or alam ko alam… Continue reading Beki si crush..tanggapin mo na!