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New Licensed Yaoi Manga

Per ANN, SuBLime has licensed 3 Yaoi series and will be released next year; namely: Ten Count - Takarai Rihito Midnight Stranger (Mayonaka no Acchimono) - Naono Bohra Don't Be Cruel/Treat Me Gently (Hidoku Shinai de) - Nekota Yonezou For more details, you make read the article from ANN by clicking on the link below: Viz's SuBLime Adds Ten Count, Midnight… Continue reading New Licensed Yaoi Manga

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a bookish bookworm bookcollector

I know that I'm a book collector and not a bookworm, I have known this eversince. Now, it seems like I'm turning into the latter, it is a good thing though. But...but..I'm getting hooked into reading erotica!!! (this is all because of Mr. Grey!mygod!) Before, I usually delve into the realm of our magestic universe… Continue reading a bookish bookworm bookcollector