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I miss…

I miss coding I miss designing I miss editing I miss debugging I miss troubleshooting I miss scrutinizing I miss researching I miss analyzing I miss planning I miss shading I miss nightcaps I miss staring I miss... I miss.... ... dreaming

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New Licensed Yaoi Manga

Per ANN, SuBLime has licensed 3 Yaoi series and will be released next year; namely: Ten Count - Takarai Rihito Midnight Stranger (Mayonaka no Acchimono) - Naono Bohra Don't Be Cruel/Treat Me Gently (Hidoku Shinai de) - Nekota Yonezou For more details, you make read the article from ANN by clicking on the link below: Viz's SuBLime Adds Ten Count, Midnight… Continue reading New Licensed Yaoi Manga

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The Dress: Team Bland&Blue vs Team White&Gold

OMG! This is so mind boggling! I saw this yesterday when I was browsing the feeds in Faebook, I just ignored it like what I normally do to some post that I don't take interest in like "meh?" Then earlier today, I saw it in the news!!! The Dress article has already conquered almost the whole… Continue reading The Dress: Team Bland&Blue vs Team White&Gold