Ragnarok Fandom.. yet again

Hi.. ... .. This is already getting old.... and this article is way too overdue. Well, just wanted to say that I got hooked, yet again, into playing Ragnarok. This time.. it went longer than expected.( duh.. this article was supposed to be published October or November of 2018) I was so ecstatic when I… Continue reading Ragnarok Fandom.. yet again


iOS 13: How to switch WiFi networks from Control Center — 9to5Mac

iOS has a lot of small changes in addition to the headline features like Dark Mode. This includes updates to Control Center. In addition to toggling WiFi and Bluetooth, you can now switch networks and connect to new devices from within the Control Center platter. more… The post iOS 13: How to switch WiFi networks… via… Continue reading iOS 13: How to switch WiFi networks from Control Center — 9to5Mac

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In an “Alternate” Universe

All of us are very much aware that in each and every person, we have this alter ego, shadow, different identity.. different.. US; our skeleton in the closet. So, it should not be a surprise if there are people who uses different social media application *cough twiter cough* to showcase their so called "alter" side.… Continue reading In an “Alternate” Universe


My sorry heart

Here I am again..getting too emotional about all the things happening around me. Im jealous, lonely, irritable etc and this is not because of hormones, mind you. My heart somethings cannot take it and I'll just burts into tears. I know that I'm overthinking things but I just can't help it. Love, friendship, family and… Continue reading My sorry heart