And thus… Christmas 2018 begins

On my way to work, it has been a habit to look up and appreciate my surroundings – the trees, lights and the stars in the night sky -.

It is almost that special time of the year, but our busy streets are still bustling with lights from the cars and establishments. No signs of the “spirit” anywhere.

The bus came by and I got on, it made its way through the streets.. As I wait and watch from the window seat the bus suddenly came to a stop. I thought it’s because they need to get more passengers but no.. there was something in front of us…

..a group of middle age men with tools, ladder..and a scaffolding?!

While waiting for the bus to start again..and some news of what those men are doing.. I got the urge to peek of what they are doing. Checking on the man on the ladder..I noticed that he is hanging something.. something big.. with pointed edges.

That’s when I realized that the “thing” the man was holding was a Star…a lantern star or parol to be exact.

It made me smile.

Since its almost December and there’s no decorations on the street at all, I thought that they will not put up anything(because they might use the funds for the 2019 elections). Gladly they did.

Now, I can really say that Christmas is in the air.

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