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Food: Samyang Stir-Fried Hot Noodles

The newest craze in town! The Samyang Stir-Fried Hot Noodles! 

As I can remember, this all started on Facebook, as always, due to the so “spicy noodle challege”, (hope i got it right). Then it went viral and now almost everyone(i know and on social media) is taking the challenge.. the rest is history..

Here’s the infamous Hot Noodles:The red one is 2x spicy than regular black. They also have another flavor and its Cheese, also spicy though. 

One of my friends tried it, she liked it given that she is into spicy food but was not satisfied since it has Soy Bean Oil ans she is allergic to anything with soy. She took some meda before eating the noodles..she is too eager to taste it. Some of the people I know also went live or recorded it then challeged their friends and families. Some drink water with it or anything but some “cheated” bu drinking milk. Well, really is up to them however fancy they want to eat it. 

I eat spicy food but not the super spicy ones or like a level 3 of spiciness. I honestly will try it one of these days but not right now, ok? I will try the one in black packaging. 😉


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