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Starbucks 2nd Coffee Appreciation Festival 2017

Last June 10-11 was Starbucks 2nd Coffee Appreciation Festival held at Glorietta 2, Ayala Makati. This is one of the most awaited events of the Seattle based Coffe chain. Early this year, they also had their Summer Launch at SM Mall of Asia. Unfortunately, I was not able to got to the latter as there was a family gathering(Saturday) and was busy the whole day of Sunday. 

As for the Coffee Appreciation, I was expecting that a lot of people will be there; 500 people a day is already alot but it seems that not many participated on the event. The floor is not even filled of coffee can even play around, go cart wheeling or lay a mat and sleep haha..

Maybe I am just expecting a lot but this many people is alright. There’s no need to like literally bump into each other just to listen and see the Baristas in action. This was taken on a Sunday, the last day of the event. As you can see, paintings are exhibited at the center..

..this one was behind me

Here’s the entrance and registration booth, where you just actually need to show your Starbucks Card

After you present the Card and they validated it. You will then get a stamp and a map for the exhibit “journey”. You will need to get a total of 6 stamps from the different booths inside and at the end of it all you will be given a special price or souvenir. This is the map:

Yeah..forgot to take a snap of the inside XD

The different type of coffee per region had their own bars and Baristas will then detail the history and coffee process

Our very own Kape Vinta

Tools and other products also had their own booth

When your done with your jouney and have all 6 stamps. It’s time to redeem your price!! 

Coasters and pins

On that they there was also an activity. Coffee Painting with Rev Cruz.They also have this wall where you can write your name on something and stick it on your preferred coffee location. A so-called Coffee Belt

There you have it! My noob and uber late post of my coffee journey 😂


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