Friendship, Love, Jealousy & Moving On

Here I am telling myself that I am way over him. Things were so complicated; he’s complicated..until, I got him cornered and confirmed that he sways the other ways. So, yeah, it is a one way thing, started with nothing and ended with nothing. Well, I can’t say “nothing”; maybe I gained something more..his trust. Because of what happened, our friendship deepen, he opened up and we became much more inseparable than before. 

It may sound silly but there is nothing to get so sad about and nothing to move forward from, why? Because everything remains the same, it is just me and my overthinking doing all the works. It just happened that I blurt out everything and this time it was serious(told him couple of times that I like him but he just ignores it but I noticed the time he spent with me lessens).

I am so happy that I was able to retain tha friendship..the friendship that I almost lost.  

Now, I am like the jealous best friend. hahaha.. My other friend(B) has a big crush on him(A) and I am so ecstatic whenever I tease B friend of mine to him(A). Teasing B feels like I dug my own grave when he suddenly said that “I think you are not yet over him” and then realization struck…Yeah, seems like it but nooooo…its just that whenver B gets As attention he will look diffeent..so giddy.. After that, I took a long breath and think it over. Yes, there is still something left inside. But there’s no future to this kind of feelings I have for him. Slowly, I am letting him go. Slowly, I am becomong thw good old friend again and now confidant. 

It is really hard and complicates when you fall in love with a friend..with a very close friend, in fact. It will make or break your relationship. Most especially if your friend bats for the other team, right? 

In our life, we will really encounter in a point in time that we need choose between somethings. Right now, I’ve made up my mind that I will go back to my old ways, doing random stuff. Making the best out of my single life…I am not in a hurry. I know that person will eventually arrive in the place and time.

I will, for now, enjoy life! 


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